NasalCare® Nasal Irrigation System

As air pollutants, allergens, bacteria and viruses are widely spreading, stuffy noses are becoming a big nuisance for many people. Most medical treatments like decongestants, nasal sprays and pain relievers only treat the symptoms. In contrast, the NasalCare@ Nasal Rinse Starter Kit, which is patented, FDA registered, and clinically approved, attacks the triggering problems by removing the cause of the symptoms. Nasal irrigation was recommended for the treatment of nasal diseases at the American Academy of Family Physicians' Scientific Assembly in 2004.

What can NasalCare@ do for you?

It helps you to naturally maintain the proper functions of your nose. This patented, all-in-one system can provide many health and hygiene benefits:

Comfortably cleans and moistens the nasal passages

Gently and efficiently washes away harmful substances, such as bacteria, viruses, air pollutants, allergens, pollens, toxins, dust, and dirt from the nasal-nasopharyngeal passages and sinus, thus reducing the inflammation of the nasal mucus membrane preventing upper respiratory diseases, and helping to reduce  antibiotic resistance

Stimulates natural muscosal secretions to wash away viruses and inflammatory factors

Increases nasal ciliary flow, the body's natural defense mechanism, which helps to clean nasal-nasopharyngeal passages and sinus and prevents upper respiratory problems

Effectively fights flu and cold viruses at the early stages of infection by 1) removing and 2) inactivating viruses, and 3) supplementing your body's natural defense mechanisms

Improves nasal breathing and sense of smell
Reduces bad breath and snoring caused by blockage of the nose
Drug and preservative-free, safe, easy-to-use, and durable
NasalCare@ is recommended for:
Cold and flu symptoms
Allergic rhinitis
Chronic sinusitis
Atrophic rhinitis
Post nasal drip
Post nasal surgery treatment
Asthma with sinusitis
Recurrent sore throats
Bad breath and snoring
Who may benefit from using the NasalCare@ Starter Kit:
Sinus problem sufferers: sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, and post-nasal drip
Nasal surgery patients
Industrial and construction workers
Snorers due to nasal blockage
Singers and athletes
And anyone who wants to breathe easily
What makes NasalCare@ unique?
NasalCare™ is a patent-protected, clinically proven, and FDA approved medical device. It consists of a nasal irrigator and 30 packets of nasal rinse mix.
The Patented, Unique Nasal Irrigator
The irrigator is composed of a bottle with a cap that links to a liquid transfer tube, a pair of one-way air and liquid valves, a one-size-fit-all nostril fitting, and a dust-preventive cover. The smart design of the device lets you keep your head upright during washing. The one-way liquid valve permits the fluid to flow only from the liquid transfer tube into the nostril but not back to the bottle, preventing contamination of the solution and bottle. The one-way air valve allows air to flow into the bottle to prevent negative pressure in the bottle which allows continue nasal irrigation. The flow speed of the liquid is easily controlled by the user’s hand. All those futures together create continual solution flow along the nasal floor and cleanse nasal and sinus passages more effectively, user-friendly, comfortably, and simpler than using neti pots or other nasal rinse products. Moreover, it opens up congested sinuses by drawing out mucus and debris.

The Patented, Unique Nasal Rinse Mix

This patented nasal rinse mix is much better than regular saline. It is scientifically formulated with special sea salt, sodium citrate, sodium bicarbonate and aloe vera extract. Each packet makes one bottle of washing solution (8 oz). This unique solution not only ensures maximum comfort during the washing process but also provides a very pleasant, soothing, moistening, and fresh sensation. It does not cause any stinging or burning like most of other products do. The system makes the nasal irrigation simple, easy, neat, comfortable, and relaxing.
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